Govenor Tarbaw Nighthill – human noble, governor of Greenest
Human male, early 60s. Last seen with a wounded shoulder and head, arm in a sling.Light blue tunic stained with blood. Proud of his small town, and desperate to keep it safe, and eager to learn why his town was targeted by this cult.

“ thank goodness, some folk who look like they can hold their own… you helped some of my citizens.. that mean I count you a friend of Greenest? We certainly are in need of some right about now…”

Castellan Escobert the Red – shield dwarf, castellan of Greenest Keep
Rough looking dwarf, bristly red hair and beard… loud, shouty, grumbly. A steadfast defender of the keep and of Greenest. Takes no slack from those under his command.

Linan Swift – Commoner human woman
Human mother of 3, very protective of her family. Was rescued by a group of adventurers during the raid on Greenest.

Thom Nesim Waladra – Human Monk from Berdusk
Part of a group of monks returning from Candlekeep to Berdusk. Was wounded and separated from his master during the battle at Greenest, asked the characters to seek out his master, whom he believes has been captured after failing to infiltrate the Cult.

Leosin Erlanthar – Half-Elven Monk from Berdusk
Master of Thom, had been studying dragon cults and dragon lore for some time. Attempted to infiltrate the cult, was rescues by our heroes. Member of the Harpers.


Onthar Frume – paladin and member of the Order of the Guantlet


Jamna Gleamsilver – Gnome representative of the Zentarim



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