The Mere of Dead Men - Construction Ahead

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter Five

“No swamp dragon could ever terrorize a kingdom, except by accident." – Terry Pratchet


After recovering from battling the undead from the swamp, the party continued tailing the construction caravan north. After two more days of travel the wagons pulled up to the Carnath Roadhouse and began unloading their cargo. The roadhouse was a large walled structure with only one entrance and the wagons were being unloaded one at a time while the rest parked outside the gate to wait.

The unloading activity was just the right amount of commotion to allow Kendricke to fall into line as a ’worker" and make his way inside. Varis followed him inside as a rat and scoped out the warehouse where they were storing the “specially marked” crates taken off the wagons. A burly half-orc seemed to be in charge, until he fell into darkness and the battle began. Kendricke attacked from within the sphere of darkness confusing the half-orc who called his comrades (and the cultists) to arms.

The roadhouse filled with workers and cultists eager to fight for their lives, their jobs, or their stolen treasure. A pack of wolves was summoned, a fireball was cast, and in the end, only 3-4 civilians were left alive, and any progress on the road construction between Waterdeep and Neverwinter was pushed back 50 years. The treasure hoard was being held in a special locked room inside the warehouse, that apparently empties itself at night when no one is watching.

After resting the night and discovering the treasure had disappeared the party discovered the trapdoor and the tunnel under the roadhouse. the tunnel led them out into the mere where a clear trail was spotted. Following the trail for the rest of the day they found a small encampment of wicker lean to and a few canoes. The trail ended on land as the mere ahead was nothing but murky water. That night lizardmen returning to their camp spotted the party and hid in the water, ready to fight. The party killed all but two lizardmen, with whom spared in exchange for being led to the castle. Snapjaw and Sharkfin led them by canoe deeper into the swamp, and gave them what information they could about the “dragon-kneelers” and hated bullywugs, the elf that’s in charge, the bullywugs shaman (who killed the lizardmen shaman/chieftain) and the “dragon lady.” the trip was not without danger as a pair of shambling mounds surprised them as the party attempted to rest.

Finally, after first finding mention of it in Rezmir’s letter to Frulam – about 3 1/2 months prior, the party found themselves staring at Castle Neaytar. The castle was surrounded by a crocodile filled moat, numerous mud hovels full of bullywugs and giant frogs, and several large impressive long houses filled with lizardmen. Through Snapjaw, the party addressed the lizardmen in hopes of using them to help deal with the despised bullywugs. From there the party prepares to enter Castle Nearytar…


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