Castle Naerytar

Hoard of the dragon Queen - Chapter 6

“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!” – Toad


With snapjaw and his lizardmen at their side the party entered the barbican of Castle Naerytar. The guard house was full of mostly asleep bullywugs and giant frogs. The party made their way in and sent Theren and Kendricke up top to take out the bullywug’s warning drums. Theren decided to test them out first before destroying them, and soon battle ensued. After defeating the bullywugs and their giant frogs they pressed inward.

These lizardmen in the castle were more loyal to the elf Borngray, a Wearer of Purple, but understood the bullywugs needed to be dealt with. Formulating a plan, the party headed into the courtyard to kill the guard drake on patrol and found two cultists with it. One cultists moved toward them but before he could speak the party sprang to action. A battle erupted that spread through much of the castle. Cultists used their Command and Hold Person spells to stall the party while a few of them fled. Then Borngray and Azbara Jos showed up and brought their magical might to the culstists aid. It was to no avail for the party, and many bears, destroyed the cultists. The lizardmen took out the barracks of bullywugs but reported that Pharblex the shaman was nowhere to be found. Rezmir the Black also remained elusive.

Searching the remaining towers, the party discovered Rezmir’s quarters (containing a huge pile of gold), a shrine to Tiamat (with a wooden statue that hid a dagger of venom) and many cultist sleeping chambers. The great hall contained a large bulk of treasure to be sorted and re-crated. The keep contained sleeping chambers for the red wizard, and Borngray’s quarters. A couple of locked boxes were taken and traps were set off by the expert rogue. The top floor of the keep, which contained a large strange arcane contraption (the Farseer of Illusk) which Larden was able to decipher and use. The cultists appeared to be spying on The Black Death in his lair, and apparently on his twin.

The remaining tower held the cult’s garbage dump and latrine, and the upper floors appeared to not have been ignored by the cult. The party constructed a bridge to reach the broken stairs across the garbage, but not before Varis jumped into the waste and confronted the vile Otyugh that hid beneath the filth. Larden and Theren continued up while the others battled the beast. Finding some old dwarven runes that he couldn’t read (that Grigsby revealed later to read “warning – powerful undead ahead”, Larden proceeded to the top and found a chest and an old female corpse. They were then attacked by 2 specters. Varis escaped the muck in octopus form, and Kendricke called upon Hadar to drive away the otyugh. After the battle they retrieved the treasure and gathered to discuss their next move.

Ballisar, being the only one fluent in draconic, read through some papers found in the search while the others finished exploring. The elf Borngray had many notes mentioning an organization called the Eldreth Valuuthra (an elf supremacist group), and wants Tiamat’s return to cleanse Faerun of humanity. Azbara appeared to be in the process of writing a letter, but didn’t get very far. It appeared that it was to be a status report to someone named Rath Modar. Rezmir’s notes mainly included a report of incoming shipments and a various countings of treasure totals and such. There are papers mentioning transport of the treasure to Skyreach Castle and mentions that the Red Wizards magic has been most useful in facilitating transportation. You also find a small folded piece of paper, written in a different handwriting, containing just one word, “Draezir”.


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