Castle Naerytar
Hoard of the dragon Queen - Chapter 6

“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!” – Toad


With snapjaw and his lizardmen at their side the party entered the barbican of Castle Naerytar. The guard house was full of mostly asleep bullywugs and giant frogs. The party made their way in and sent Theren and Kendricke up top to take out the bullywug’s warning drums. Theren decided to test them out first before destroying them, and soon battle ensued. After defeating the bullywugs and their giant frogs they pressed inward.

These lizardmen in the castle were more loyal to the elf Borngray, a Wearer of Purple, but understood the bullywugs needed to be dealt with. Formulating a plan, the party headed into the courtyard to kill the guard drake on patrol and found two cultists with it. One cultists moved toward them but before he could speak the party sprang to action. A battle erupted that spread through much of the castle. Cultists used their Command and Hold Person spells to stall the party while a few of them fled. Then Borngray and Azbara Jos showed up and brought their magical might to the culstists aid. It was to no avail for the party, and many bears, destroyed the cultists. The lizardmen took out the barracks of bullywugs but reported that Pharblex the shaman was nowhere to be found. Rezmir the Black also remained elusive.

Searching the remaining towers, the party discovered Rezmir’s quarters (containing a huge pile of gold), a shrine to Tiamat (with a wooden statue that hid a dagger of venom) and many cultist sleeping chambers. The great hall contained a large bulk of treasure to be sorted and re-crated. The keep contained sleeping chambers for the red wizard, and Borngray’s quarters. A couple of locked boxes were taken and traps were set off by the expert rogue. The top floor of the keep, which contained a large strange arcane contraption (the Farseer of Illusk) which Larden was able to decipher and use. The cultists appeared to be spying on The Black Death in his lair, and apparently on his twin.

The remaining tower held the cult’s garbage dump and latrine, and the upper floors appeared to not have been ignored by the cult. The party constructed a bridge to reach the broken stairs across the garbage, but not before Varis jumped into the waste and confronted the vile Otyugh that hid beneath the filth. Larden and Theren continued up while the others battled the beast. Finding some old dwarven runes that he couldn’t read (that Grigsby revealed later to read “warning – powerful undead ahead”, Larden proceeded to the top and found a chest and an old female corpse. They were then attacked by 2 specters. Varis escaped the muck in octopus form, and Kendricke called upon Hadar to drive away the otyugh. After the battle they retrieved the treasure and gathered to discuss their next move.

Ballisar, being the only one fluent in draconic, read through some papers found in the search while the others finished exploring. The elf Borngray had many notes mentioning an organization called the Eldreth Valuuthra (an elf supremacist group), and wants Tiamat’s return to cleanse Faerun of humanity. Azbara appeared to be in the process of writing a letter, but didn’t get very far. It appeared that it was to be a status report to someone named Rath Modar. Rezmir’s notes mainly included a report of incoming shipments and a various countings of treasure totals and such. There are papers mentioning transport of the treasure to Skyreach Castle and mentions that the Red Wizards magic has been most useful in facilitating transportation. You also find a small folded piece of paper, written in a different handwriting, containing just one word, “Draezir”.

The Mere of Dead Men - Construction Ahead
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter Five

“No swamp dragon could ever terrorize a kingdom, except by accident." – Terry Pratchet


After recovering from battling the undead from the swamp, the party continued tailing the construction caravan north. After two more days of travel the wagons pulled up to the Carnath Roadhouse and began unloading their cargo. The roadhouse was a large walled structure with only one entrance and the wagons were being unloaded one at a time while the rest parked outside the gate to wait.

The unloading activity was just the right amount of commotion to allow Kendricke to fall into line as a ’worker" and make his way inside. Varis followed him inside as a rat and scoped out the warehouse where they were storing the “specially marked” crates taken off the wagons. A burly half-orc seemed to be in charge, until he fell into darkness and the battle began. Kendricke attacked from within the sphere of darkness confusing the half-orc who called his comrades (and the cultists) to arms.

The roadhouse filled with workers and cultists eager to fight for their lives, their jobs, or their stolen treasure. A pack of wolves was summoned, a fireball was cast, and in the end, only 3-4 civilians were left alive, and any progress on the road construction between Waterdeep and Neverwinter was pushed back 50 years. The treasure hoard was being held in a special locked room inside the warehouse, that apparently empties itself at night when no one is watching.

After resting the night and discovering the treasure had disappeared the party discovered the trapdoor and the tunnel under the roadhouse. the tunnel led them out into the mere where a clear trail was spotted. Following the trail for the rest of the day they found a small encampment of wicker lean to and a few canoes. The trail ended on land as the mere ahead was nothing but murky water. That night lizardmen returning to their camp spotted the party and hid in the water, ready to fight. The party killed all but two lizardmen, with whom spared in exchange for being led to the castle. Snapjaw and Sharkfin led them by canoe deeper into the swamp, and gave them what information they could about the “dragon-kneelers” and hated bullywugs, the elf that’s in charge, the bullywugs shaman (who killed the lizardmen shaman/chieftain) and the “dragon lady.” the trip was not without danger as a pair of shambling mounds surprised them as the party attempted to rest.

Finally, after first finding mention of it in Rezmir’s letter to Frulam – about 3 1/2 months prior, the party found themselves staring at Castle Neaytar. The castle was surrounded by a crocodile filled moat, numerous mud hovels full of bullywugs and giant frogs, and several large impressive long houses filled with lizardmen. Through Snapjaw, the party addressed the lizardmen in hopes of using them to help deal with the despised bullywugs. From there the party prepares to enter Castle Nearytar…

The Great Northern Caravan
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter Four

“You have nice manners for a thief and a liar” – Smaug


After emerging from Felldane Manor, some sleuthing discovered the scene depicted in the swirling pool of blood was an old abandoned temple to Umberlee not far from Baldur’s Gate. The party wasted no time in investigating, but found that Curwen was long gone. What was remaining was a circle of runes hidden beneath the remains of a beacon fire, a trail of slime leading toward the ocean, and some zombies. The alien whale that appeared from the waters of the sea imparted to them some cryptic advice, and informed them that Curwen had traveled to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Coming up empty handed they returned to Baldur’s Gate, just in time for some of the party to enlist as caravan guards before the great wagon train departed.

The caravan north was a long, 2-month trek along the Sword Coast. During the trip they fought a group of hob-goblin raiders, rescued a harper agent who as buried up to his neck int he road, rooted out the three cult wagons and their contraband, hunted a golden stag who gave them a warning and a gift, stopped in the city of Daggerford, met a gnome rogue (named Jamna Gleamsilver) who appeared to be on a similar mission as they, witnessed a Red Wizard (Azbara) traveling with the Cult of the Dragon, battled a large infestation of spiders and their drider mistress, faced accusations of murder by the cult, and finally arrived in the great city of Waterdeep.

The cult continued on its way through the city, not stopping or dispersing like the other merchants. They eventually came to rest at a warehouse on the north end of the city. At this point the party found themselves at the Yawning Portal Inn. They were led to a private room where they met one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep, a woman named Learal Silverhand. Lady Silverhand was a friend of Leosion Erlanthar, and has been working to bring the threat of the Cult of the Dragon to the attention of the rulers of the Sword Coast. Her position within the Lord’s Alliance puts her in an ideal situation to do so. In the meantime Leosin, Onthar Frume, and herself have formed a council to collect information and unite to decide what to do with about the Cult of the Dragon.

The party was given a vote on the Council, as was the Lord’s Alliance, the Emerald Enclave (Varis representing), the Order of the Gauntlet (Grigsby representing), and the Harpers (a man named Delaan Winterhound standing in for Leosin). The first order to vote on was brought in by Jamna Gleamsilver, who followed the party to the secret meeting and wished the Zentarim to be present on this council. She offered an exchange of information to sweeten the deal, the names of two more Wyrmspeakers – Galvan the Blue and Severin the Red (who the Zentarim believe is in charge). The council voted in favor of allowing the Black Network, The Zentarim, an far reaching criminal organization, to sit on the Council Quiet.

The next steps were discussed… the Cult was planning on traveling north on the road, but the road has been destroyed for years, having been swallowed by the unnatural swamp, the Mere of Dead Men. A road crew has been working to rebuild the road for some time. It was decided (and was later confirmed) that the cult must be using the construction crew as a cover to haul the loot even further north. It was also stressed by Lady Silverhand that destroying the Wyrmspeakers, starting with Rezmir the Black, should be a priority, killing a dragon by cutting off its heads if you will.

The party then went back on the road and followed the construction wagons north, skirting the edge of the Mere of Dead Men. Along the way they destroyed some undead, long since buried in the mud, and continued their journey north…

From Greenest to Elturel to Baldur's Gate...
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter 4

“Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.”


After returning to Greenest and returning some stolen goods the party rested and prepared for their journey. They began the six day trek, on Harper supplied horses, from Greenest to Elturel. On the way they spied a pair of dragons flying over head, and encountered and dealt with a group of ex-mercenaries who now turned to banditry. Their Half-Orc leader gave a good fight, but ultimately they surrendered and the party continued on.

Arriving in Elturel the adventurers found themselves bathed in the light of Elturel’s glowing second “sun”, a magic creation to ward off undead. The citizens were in preparation to begin the Festival of Light and the heroes were drawn into the festivities to impress and meet Ontharr Frume, Paladin of Torm. Races were won, wrestling contests lost, groupies recruited, drinks consumed and blue spotted pigs appeared and the 2-day festival came to an end. Jarryn, Ontharr’s squire, then called the adventurer’s to a meeting. Ontharr Frume (Order of the Guantlet), Leosin Erlanthar (Harpers) and Varis’s Uncle Terrin (Emrald Enclave). Information was collected and discussed. A plan was formulated… travel to Baldur’s Gate by boat, beat the Cult there, find out their next move, and follow them.

The boat trip yielded some tasty fish, an encounter with clever ogres and crocodiles, and ended with the rescue of a drowning teenager. Bob Galadriel then parted ways with the party to pursue vengeance against the green dragon that killed his family (with the aid of the Emerald Enclave).


Entering the great city of Baldur’s Gate they began their investigation. The city was still in some turmoil due to a government assassination by the Cult of Bhaal. Research into Naerytar was conducted, investigation of the strange man Curwen began, and Foxtraveler Outfiter’s was found. There was a run-in with The Guild, the cities thieves guild, after Balisar stepped on someone’s cloak which in turn led to a robbery attempt gone wrong.
Foxtraveler’s place was infiltrated which led to a battle with one of his pets, a Hell Hound, and ended the Hound’s demise and in fire. A bard named Ambriel was found to be singing a very specific song about the heroes which eventually led them to Omduil Manor where they met with old Master Omduil, a Harper agent and collector of information in the city. Omduil told of his fellow Harper agents who have been going missing.

The party eventually discerned that the cult, working with Foxtraveler, was loading up wagons and readying to depart on the next caravan. Ackyn Selebon, a contact of Ontharr Frume, informed the party that a large caravan was forming up and leaving in a couple days. More pressing was the noble Villion Felldane, who was known to have met with Curwen and Rezmir, who was aiding the Cult of the Dragon. He is suspected to be behind the missing Harpers, and thought to have connections to the Cult of Bhaal.

With time running short, “The Heroes of Greenest” must deal with Felldane Manor and get themselves hired onto the caravan before it, and the Cult of the Dragon, depart Baldur’s Gate and begin traveling north.

After scoping out Felldane manor via mouse eyes, the party decided on a frontal approach. Sending Theren in to take out the guard, the party entered the main hall. They battled many guards and their formidable leader but came away victorious. They discovered the hidden passage behind the fireplace, choosing to smash it than discover the arcane means of entrance.

Descending the stairs they entered a workshop/office area with many books on ancient religions and cults. Continuing downward they entered into a large chamber stone chamber that appeared like an arcane workshop of sorts. The first thing they saw was flames as Villion Felldane greeted them with a Fireball spell. They battled him and his animated suits of armor. Felldane fled via magic, and the party pursued once the armors were destroyed. Descending once again they discovered Felldane awaiting them in a large chamber containing a giant pool of blood flanked by two statues of Bhaal (one of which held a magic short sword). After surviving a Cone of Cold the wizard was brought down. His body was sacrificed to the pool of blood, and it was revealed to be a scrying pool.

Kendricke immediately mentioned the name “Curwen” and the pool of blood began to swirl and views of the ocean appeared and began to solidify. The image shifted and showed a coastline with a ruined temple, a great beacon of fire and a old stone circle. Waves crashed on the coastline and a cloaked man was seen incanting before the burning fire. Soon after the Flaming Fist arrived, and the party revealed the depths of Felldane involvement with the Cult of Bhaal.

The Dragon Hatchery
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter 3

“In shallow holes moles make fools of dragons” – proverb


After spending a day to recover and re-arm themselves the party prepared to travel south again to the cultist camp. Speaking with Leosin, he thanked them again for saving his life and informed them of his plan to travel to Elturel to meet up with his ally, Ontharr Frume a member of the Order of the Gauntlet. He asked them to meet him there in Elturel after they explored the cave to share information and formulate their next move. They arrived at the camp without incident but his time they found the camp abandoned. Plumes of smoke rising from burned huts and tents. A few hunters were meandering about, skinning their catch, and informed them they were paid to bring in meat for the cultists but the cult left over a day ago. Kendrick purchased some meat from them before they continued onward.

As adventures approached the cave, they noticed it was not empty like the rest of the camp. The party wasted no time and entering the cave and dispatched the two Dragonclaws on guard duty, killed some mushroom-farming kobolds, and proceeded further in. Setting off some trapped stairs they found themselves lying prone before a group of Violet Fungus. Smashing the mushrooms they moved onward into a chamber filled with bats and stirges. Proceeding quietly forward as not to disturb them, they found themselves at a fork in the cavern.


A rusty spear stood atop a set of stairs leading downward, a wide open chamber stood ahead, and a corridor veered off to their left. The chamber ahead appeared to be filled with trash. Though the stench was not enough to deter Theren from diving in and discovering some missed gem stones the kobolds apparently missed. Theren also discovered some Troglodytes who emerged from cracks in rear wall of the chamber. Despite their stench the creatures were defeated, as another battle took place in the kobolds’ drake training room. A pair of guard drakes, and some kobolds quickly fell to the mighty bear that appeared among them and ripped them apart. Suffering through more traps they pushed on and found the kobold barracks and dispatched the rest of the kobolds within.

Most of the party, bruised, and battered, decided to rest, whilst the rest kept watch. A few wandering kobolds and their drake were no problem for the characters, and their comrades were able to rest without incident. Continuing the decent they entered what appeared to be a shrine to dragons. The walls were polished and carved with intricate swirling dragons of various types, and in a corner, above a trapped chest, a huge carving of a five-headed dragon rising from a volcano. The room was occupied though, and Langedrosa Cyanwrath awaited them along with three crazed dragon cultist berserkers. An intense battle ensued and the blood flowed on both sides. Cyanwrath bottled them up in the stairway at first using his lightning breath to weaken them, while his berserkers dealt with the bear and the dwarf. The blades of Ballisar and Kendrick brought Cyanwrath down and the berserkers were eventually dealt with after. Theren, with some Guidance form Grigsby, expertly picked the lock on the chest and bypassed the traps. Within was found some valuable jewelry and gemstones.


The back of the room contained a rope leader leading to a small furnished room. Varis spied a woman within, who they identified as Frulan Mondath, and Floppy scouted the rest of the chamber and discovered the guard barracks in the next room. The adventures formulated a plan and launched an attack on the Wearer of Purple and her guards. Most of the guards couldn’t get in the room due to Varis’s Entangle spell. Frulam herself was also protected by powerful defensive magic. She was then struck blind by Larden’s magic, preventing her bring her own magic to bear on the party and causing her to flee. The battle drew on and the Arms of Hadar and many arrows and spells brought Frulam down. The rest of the guards and Dragonclaws were dispatched quickly after, the final dropping with an arrow in the eye from Bob’s longbow. the party searched her chambers and found lots of bad dragon poetry and a map and note revealing some of the cults plan, signed by Wyrmspeaker Rezmir.


Continuing their exploration, they discover a chamber with a couple kobolds in hiding, and a large pit containing a couple guard drakes and 3 large black dragon eggs. There also was a lingering presence that Kendrick sensed with his telepathy. A primal mind that wound up belonging to a large hungry and agitated Roper. Its tendrils reach all over the chamber. Kendrick fed the Roper the deer meat he bought from the hunters and calmed the Roper enough for them to get the job done and escape.


Having cleared the dragon hatchery the party made the trek back to Greenest to prepare for the upcoming journey to Elturel…

Into the Cultist Camp
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter 2

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” – Tolkien


Set to gather information on this dragon cult and their whereabouts and rescue a monk named Leosin Erlanthar, the party departed Greenest and headed south. The trail was not hard to locate or follow and the Greenfields region made the early journey easy with its rolling hills and grasslands. After several hours the terrain began to morph into rougher ground broken up by plateaus and large rocky outcroppings.

Hours into their journey the group spied a plume of smoke in the distance, and upon investigating they discovered a group of kobolds and cultists gathered in a hollow. It became clear after observation that the kobolds and cultists did not get along and dissension was thick in the air. Some clever mental manipulation from Kendrick, convinced one of the disgruntled kobolds that his life was in danger, and soon an all out battle erupted among them. The cultists went for their weapons only to find they had disappeared, stolen by Theren moments before. The party attacked from the surrounding hills, and amid the chaos the cultists and kobolds fell easily. One cultist was kept alive and was interrogated by Grigsby while struggling to keep his faith under Tiamat’s metal intrusion. They learned of a large horseshoe shaped plateau that contained the camp they were seeking, and the location of a rearguard force that watched the path from a rocky ridge.

Continuing on their journey the adventurers located the rearguard’s location and chose to avoid them by taking a slightly longer path around. The trip eventually led them to the aforementioned plateau where they could clearly see the camp of the Cult of the Dragon. A watchtower guarded the entrance, and a series of rough huts and tents occupied the first part of the encampment. The party scouted around the outskirts of the plateau and discovered no other way in but the mouth of the plateau’s hollow. Varis, taking the form of a squirrel, climbed atop the plateau to scout the interior of the camp. the camp was laid out into two distinct area, one inhabited by the mercenaries and the kobolds, and the second by the cultists proper.


The group decided to walk right through the front door which was not difficult considering the camp was disorganized, as the cultists were in a state of reverie over their successful raid. the group blended in the best they could. They made their way deeper into the camp, and watched a crowd of cultists, led by a blue-scaled half dragon, torment a poor half-elven man who was strung up for all to see. They also found a command tent, wherein the half-dragon retired after the spectacle, and a well guarded entrance to a large cave. They also spied three guarded tents, and with the help of Larden’s new rat, found prisoners/slaves held within. The rat also explored the large cave entrance and found guards within, and a drop off and stairs leading into a fungus filled room. Varis decided to continue the cave exploration, also as a rat, and discovered some of the fungus was… aware. Passing the fungus room the rat crept into a large dark room filled with bats, and oddly enough, several dead bats. into the next room a branching passageway was discovered, from one could be heard growling, but the rat had to return lest he revert to elf form.

The party then debated their next move, and finally decided to rescue Leosin and make a run for it. An effigy was placed on his rack and Leosin himself was wrapped in a cloak, healed, and fed with goodberries, and the party made their way out of the camp. Returning to Greenest and receiving their reward, the party rests and plans to return to explore the cave.

Greenest in Flames
Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter 1

“It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons…” – JRR Tolkien


The seven adventurer’s stood on a rise and looked down at the town of Greenest. Fires burned throughout the town and a massive blue dragon circled above, raining down blasts of lightning. The party rushed to the aid of the small burg, moving into the town as stealthily as they could. As they approached it appeared the dragon was not alone as the town was beset by raiders, cultists and their kobold minions. Shortly after entering the town, our heroes ran into a human family on the run from a group of kobolds. After the defeat of the small reptilian nuisances the family sought help reaching the Keep, the only bastion of safety with the city. Another group of cultists and kobolds met them along the way but the party and their charges reached the keep safely just before the gate closed, and the raiders established a cordon around the keep itself.

Within the keep, defenders manned the keep walls, while an angry dwarf , Escobert the Red, bellowed orders up at them. After tending to some of the wounded citizens, the party headed inside to meet Governor Nighthill, the human in charge of Greenest. Nighthill looked a bit worse for wear, but was happy to have some help in the defense of the town. He pleaded with the adventurers to help rescue some of the people still missing out in the town and if possible capture one of the raiders for interrogation as he was yearning to discover who they were. The party met up with Escobert, the castellan, to find a way out and were directed to an old tunnel that led out from the cellars to the outside of the keep. The tunnel was old and damp, rough from lack of use and upkeep, and infested with swarms of rats.

Back on the streets the party followed a group of raiders, and snuck their way through town toward the Temple, a large stone structure atop a rise. The adventurers found the temple to be under siege. A group of cultists attempted to batter down the front doors, a second group of kobolds harassed the perimeter, and a third group attempted to break into and set fire to the rear of the temple; all the while a large group of Greenest folk cowered within. Ambushing the group at the back, our heroes secured the back door of the temple. Dispatching the approaching kobolds, and entreating with the citizens within to trust them and ready themselves for escape, the heroes prepared to face the large group battering down the front door. Reinforcing the door and intimidating the cultists outside they bought enough time for the commoners to get to safety in the back of the temple. With some the party within and some without they faced the cultists head on, dispatching the foul kobolds, defeating the fanatical cultists and subduing and capturing their leader, a higher ranking cultist and acolyte within the Cult of the Dragon.

Escorting the refugees and their prisoner back to the keep, they interrogated him and discovered the cult’s agenda; to gather a treasure hoard worthy of the return of Tiamat, the Queen of Dragons. The interrogation ended with sounds of distress from within the keep. Escobert was yelling that the cult had breached the sally port and were attempting to get inside. This was coupled with the return of the blue dragon, who began his lazy attack once again. The party fought off the invaders, more kobold, cultists and drakes, while also assisting the defenders on holding off the dragon. They annoyed the dragon enough that it decided the attack wasn’t worth it anymore, defeated the invaders in the keep, and secured the sally port once more.

The night wore on, and the cult eventually moved on, leaving Greenest in flames…

The group then took a much needed rest, and were approached by Nighthill about following the cult south. He says he’ll offer a small reward for information they bring back (who they are, where there camp is located, where they might strike next) as well as possibly returning some of the stolen valuables to the town. Greenest doesn’t have much to offer, but he’ll give 250 gold per person for the information. The party is also approached by a man named Thom Nesim Waladra, a badly wounded monk from Berdusk. He told the tale of his master, Leosin Erlanthar, a monk who had been studying the cultists and had attempted to infiltrate the cult. Thom believes he has been found out and captured and asked our heroes to rescue him if possible. During the time of rest, citizens tell tales of the raid, defenders report things they have seen, and the interrogation of the cultist continues revealing some additional information…
Information Gathered:

  • Greenest was founded by a halfling woman named Dharva, who dreamed of being bandit queen of the Greenfields.
  • The Cult of the Dragon is gathering treasure to amass a hoard for the return of Tiamat, Queen of Dragons.
  • The Cult has kobolds, cultists of various ranks, drakes and possibly other beasts ,and mercenaries at their disposal.
  • They headed south from Greenest.
  • Attacks by the Cult and their dragon allies are happening all over the Sword Coast; from Greenest all the way to Icewind Dale.
  • Citizens are still missing after the attack, including the priest of the Temple to Chauntea.
  • A monk from Berdusk was investigating dragon lore and the Cult of the Dragon.
  • This monk, Leosin Erlanthar, was attempting to infiltrate the Cult but went missing.
  • The Cult was led by a human woman, clad in elaborate purple robes (was seen by the adventurers from atop the keep).
  • A “dragon-man” with blue scales was also seen with the cult during the attack.
  • Many of the raiders in the attack were mercenaries or new cult initiates.
  • Some of the kobolds have wings, and they utilize drakes and other large reptiles.
  • A temple or shrine to Tyr was being harassed in Greenest and the Order of the Guantlet was contacted. No artifacts or adornments to Tyr were seen in the Temple the adventurer’s were in.
  • The Ranger Bob has had apocalyptic dreams of 10 glowing eyes that led him to Greenest.
Destination Greenest

“What lovely countryside”, Kendricke thought. “And how fortunate that Galadriel the Ranger seemed so driven to take us this way to Greenest. What joyful times lie ahead.”

But what is that? <sniff>. The feint scent of smoke?



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