The Dragon Hatchery

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter 3

“In shallow holes moles make fools of dragons” – proverb


After spending a day to recover and re-arm themselves the party prepared to travel south again to the cultist camp. Speaking with Leosin, he thanked them again for saving his life and informed them of his plan to travel to Elturel to meet up with his ally, Ontharr Frume a member of the Order of the Gauntlet. He asked them to meet him there in Elturel after they explored the cave to share information and formulate their next move. They arrived at the camp without incident but his time they found the camp abandoned. Plumes of smoke rising from burned huts and tents. A few hunters were meandering about, skinning their catch, and informed them they were paid to bring in meat for the cultists but the cult left over a day ago. Kendrick purchased some meat from them before they continued onward.

As adventures approached the cave, they noticed it was not empty like the rest of the camp. The party wasted no time and entering the cave and dispatched the two Dragonclaws on guard duty, killed some mushroom-farming kobolds, and proceeded further in. Setting off some trapped stairs they found themselves lying prone before a group of Violet Fungus. Smashing the mushrooms they moved onward into a chamber filled with bats and stirges. Proceeding quietly forward as not to disturb them, they found themselves at a fork in the cavern.


A rusty spear stood atop a set of stairs leading downward, a wide open chamber stood ahead, and a corridor veered off to their left. The chamber ahead appeared to be filled with trash. Though the stench was not enough to deter Theren from diving in and discovering some missed gem stones the kobolds apparently missed. Theren also discovered some Troglodytes who emerged from cracks in rear wall of the chamber. Despite their stench the creatures were defeated, as another battle took place in the kobolds’ drake training room. A pair of guard drakes, and some kobolds quickly fell to the mighty bear that appeared among them and ripped them apart. Suffering through more traps they pushed on and found the kobold barracks and dispatched the rest of the kobolds within.

Most of the party, bruised, and battered, decided to rest, whilst the rest kept watch. A few wandering kobolds and their drake were no problem for the characters, and their comrades were able to rest without incident. Continuing the decent they entered what appeared to be a shrine to dragons. The walls were polished and carved with intricate swirling dragons of various types, and in a corner, above a trapped chest, a huge carving of a five-headed dragon rising from a volcano. The room was occupied though, and Langedrosa Cyanwrath awaited them along with three crazed dragon cultist berserkers. An intense battle ensued and the blood flowed on both sides. Cyanwrath bottled them up in the stairway at first using his lightning breath to weaken them, while his berserkers dealt with the bear and the dwarf. The blades of Ballisar and Kendrick brought Cyanwrath down and the berserkers were eventually dealt with after. Theren, with some Guidance form Grigsby, expertly picked the lock on the chest and bypassed the traps. Within was found some valuable jewelry and gemstones.


The back of the room contained a rope leader leading to a small furnished room. Varis spied a woman within, who they identified as Frulan Mondath, and Floppy scouted the rest of the chamber and discovered the guard barracks in the next room. The adventures formulated a plan and launched an attack on the Wearer of Purple and her guards. Most of the guards couldn’t get in the room due to Varis’s Entangle spell. Frulam herself was also protected by powerful defensive magic. She was then struck blind by Larden’s magic, preventing her bring her own magic to bear on the party and causing her to flee. The battle drew on and the Arms of Hadar and many arrows and spells brought Frulam down. The rest of the guards and Dragonclaws were dispatched quickly after, the final dropping with an arrow in the eye from Bob’s longbow. the party searched her chambers and found lots of bad dragon poetry and a map and note revealing some of the cults plan, signed by Wyrmspeaker Rezmir.


Continuing their exploration, they discover a chamber with a couple kobolds in hiding, and a large pit containing a couple guard drakes and 3 large black dragon eggs. There also was a lingering presence that Kendrick sensed with his telepathy. A primal mind that wound up belonging to a large hungry and agitated Roper. Its tendrils reach all over the chamber. Kendrick fed the Roper the deer meat he bought from the hunters and calmed the Roper enough for them to get the job done and escape.


Having cleared the dragon hatchery the party made the trek back to Greenest to prepare for the upcoming journey to Elturel…


“A dragon flies through the night sky
Not to be seen by a mortals eye
They fly so high not to be seen
Whoever can see one has eyes that are keen
People try to see them in the great night sky
But when they fail they just sigh.”
-Frulam Mondath

The Dragon Hatchery

“Poor old fire breathing dragon
sneezin’, with allergies, naggin’
he bent his head below
wantin’ to say hello
engulf’d the farmer’s hay wagon”
-Frulam Mondath

The Dragon Hatchery

Great writeup, Karl. The poems were hilarious.

The Dragon Hatchery

Wait a minute …. are you calling us moles?

The Dragon Hatchery
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