Into the Cultist Camp

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter 2

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” – Tolkien


Set to gather information on this dragon cult and their whereabouts and rescue a monk named Leosin Erlanthar, the party departed Greenest and headed south. The trail was not hard to locate or follow and the Greenfields region made the early journey easy with its rolling hills and grasslands. After several hours the terrain began to morph into rougher ground broken up by plateaus and large rocky outcroppings.

Hours into their journey the group spied a plume of smoke in the distance, and upon investigating they discovered a group of kobolds and cultists gathered in a hollow. It became clear after observation that the kobolds and cultists did not get along and dissension was thick in the air. Some clever mental manipulation from Kendrick, convinced one of the disgruntled kobolds that his life was in danger, and soon an all out battle erupted among them. The cultists went for their weapons only to find they had disappeared, stolen by Theren moments before. The party attacked from the surrounding hills, and amid the chaos the cultists and kobolds fell easily. One cultist was kept alive and was interrogated by Grigsby while struggling to keep his faith under Tiamat’s metal intrusion. They learned of a large horseshoe shaped plateau that contained the camp they were seeking, and the location of a rearguard force that watched the path from a rocky ridge.

Continuing on their journey the adventurers located the rearguard’s location and chose to avoid them by taking a slightly longer path around. The trip eventually led them to the aforementioned plateau where they could clearly see the camp of the Cult of the Dragon. A watchtower guarded the entrance, and a series of rough huts and tents occupied the first part of the encampment. The party scouted around the outskirts of the plateau and discovered no other way in but the mouth of the plateau’s hollow. Varis, taking the form of a squirrel, climbed atop the plateau to scout the interior of the camp. the camp was laid out into two distinct area, one inhabited by the mercenaries and the kobolds, and the second by the cultists proper.


The group decided to walk right through the front door which was not difficult considering the camp was disorganized, as the cultists were in a state of reverie over their successful raid. the group blended in the best they could. They made their way deeper into the camp, and watched a crowd of cultists, led by a blue-scaled half dragon, torment a poor half-elven man who was strung up for all to see. They also found a command tent, wherein the half-dragon retired after the spectacle, and a well guarded entrance to a large cave. They also spied three guarded tents, and with the help of Larden’s new rat, found prisoners/slaves held within. The rat also explored the large cave entrance and found guards within, and a drop off and stairs leading into a fungus filled room. Varis decided to continue the cave exploration, also as a rat, and discovered some of the fungus was… aware. Passing the fungus room the rat crept into a large dark room filled with bats, and oddly enough, several dead bats. into the next room a branching passageway was discovered, from one could be heard growling, but the rat had to return lest he revert to elf form.

The party then debated their next move, and finally decided to rescue Leosin and make a run for it. An effigy was placed on his rack and Leosin himself was wrapped in a cloak, healed, and fed with goodberries, and the party made their way out of the camp. Returning to Greenest and receiving their reward, the party rests and plans to return to explore the cave.


We placed an effigy of Leosin on the rack before we left? That was really smart. I don’t remember it though. Who on our team was that clever?

Into the Cultist Camp

Varis the druid

Into the Cultist Camp
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