Greenest in Flames

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter 1

“It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons…” – JRR Tolkien


The seven adventurer’s stood on a rise and looked down at the town of Greenest. Fires burned throughout the town and a massive blue dragon circled above, raining down blasts of lightning. The party rushed to the aid of the small burg, moving into the town as stealthily as they could. As they approached it appeared the dragon was not alone as the town was beset by raiders, cultists and their kobold minions. Shortly after entering the town, our heroes ran into a human family on the run from a group of kobolds. After the defeat of the small reptilian nuisances the family sought help reaching the Keep, the only bastion of safety with the city. Another group of cultists and kobolds met them along the way but the party and their charges reached the keep safely just before the gate closed, and the raiders established a cordon around the keep itself.

Within the keep, defenders manned the keep walls, while an angry dwarf , Escobert the Red, bellowed orders up at them. After tending to some of the wounded citizens, the party headed inside to meet Governor Nighthill, the human in charge of Greenest. Nighthill looked a bit worse for wear, but was happy to have some help in the defense of the town. He pleaded with the adventurers to help rescue some of the people still missing out in the town and if possible capture one of the raiders for interrogation as he was yearning to discover who they were. The party met up with Escobert, the castellan, to find a way out and were directed to an old tunnel that led out from the cellars to the outside of the keep. The tunnel was old and damp, rough from lack of use and upkeep, and infested with swarms of rats.

Back on the streets the party followed a group of raiders, and snuck their way through town toward the Temple, a large stone structure atop a rise. The adventurers found the temple to be under siege. A group of cultists attempted to batter down the front doors, a second group of kobolds harassed the perimeter, and a third group attempted to break into and set fire to the rear of the temple; all the while a large group of Greenest folk cowered within. Ambushing the group at the back, our heroes secured the back door of the temple. Dispatching the approaching kobolds, and entreating with the citizens within to trust them and ready themselves for escape, the heroes prepared to face the large group battering down the front door. Reinforcing the door and intimidating the cultists outside they bought enough time for the commoners to get to safety in the back of the temple. With some the party within and some without they faced the cultists head on, dispatching the foul kobolds, defeating the fanatical cultists and subduing and capturing their leader, a higher ranking cultist and acolyte within the Cult of the Dragon.

Escorting the refugees and their prisoner back to the keep, they interrogated him and discovered the cult’s agenda; to gather a treasure hoard worthy of the return of Tiamat, the Queen of Dragons. The interrogation ended with sounds of distress from within the keep. Escobert was yelling that the cult had breached the sally port and were attempting to get inside. This was coupled with the return of the blue dragon, who began his lazy attack once again. The party fought off the invaders, more kobold, cultists and drakes, while also assisting the defenders on holding off the dragon. They annoyed the dragon enough that it decided the attack wasn’t worth it anymore, defeated the invaders in the keep, and secured the sally port once more.

The night wore on, and the cult eventually moved on, leaving Greenest in flames…

The group then took a much needed rest, and were approached by Nighthill about following the cult south. He says he’ll offer a small reward for information they bring back (who they are, where there camp is located, where they might strike next) as well as possibly returning some of the stolen valuables to the town. Greenest doesn’t have much to offer, but he’ll give 250 gold per person for the information. The party is also approached by a man named Thom Nesim Waladra, a badly wounded monk from Berdusk. He told the tale of his master, Leosin Erlanthar, a monk who had been studying the cultists and had attempted to infiltrate the cult. Thom believes he has been found out and captured and asked our heroes to rescue him if possible. During the time of rest, citizens tell tales of the raid, defenders report things they have seen, and the interrogation of the cultist continues revealing some additional information…
Information Gathered:

  • Greenest was founded by a halfling woman named Dharva, who dreamed of being bandit queen of the Greenfields.
  • The Cult of the Dragon is gathering treasure to amass a hoard for the return of Tiamat, Queen of Dragons.
  • The Cult has kobolds, cultists of various ranks, drakes and possibly other beasts ,and mercenaries at their disposal.
  • They headed south from Greenest.
  • Attacks by the Cult and their dragon allies are happening all over the Sword Coast; from Greenest all the way to Icewind Dale.
  • Citizens are still missing after the attack, including the priest of the Temple to Chauntea.
  • A monk from Berdusk was investigating dragon lore and the Cult of the Dragon.
  • This monk, Leosin Erlanthar, was attempting to infiltrate the Cult but went missing.
  • The Cult was led by a human woman, clad in elaborate purple robes (was seen by the adventurers from atop the keep).
  • A “dragon-man” with blue scales was also seen with the cult during the attack.
  • Many of the raiders in the attack were mercenaries or new cult initiates.
  • Some of the kobolds have wings, and they utilize drakes and other large reptiles.
  • A temple or shrine to Tyr was being harassed in Greenest and the Order of the Guantlet was contacted. No artifacts or adornments to Tyr were seen in the Temple the adventurer’s were in.
  • The Ranger Bob has had apocalyptic dreams of 10 glowing eyes that led him to Greenest.


Uncle Terrin…I write this note, not knowing when I might be able to dispatch it to you safely so that it will reach you. I fear there is a great evil about to be unleashed that will threaten every field and forest in Faerun. I am currently in Greenest, far to the South, but I will not be here long. The town was beset upon by a horde of what we have discovered are members of the Cult of the Dragon. We lent what assistance we could to the town under siege, but learned this was not an isolated incident. The cult plans greater and more evil things. We tracked them further South and found an encampment well defended in the center of a horseshoe shaped plateau whose main trail is guarded by their rear guard (we were able to maneuver around them). In the encampment they are gathering stolen goods to fund their campaign but have also captured innocent townsfolk and are using them as slave labor. The are a sizeable force but not well organized and employee mercenaries as well as kobolds. Their leaders however are better equipped and structured. I saw creatures the likes I had never seen…half dragons, not the Dragonborn (which are rare enough) but these creatures were more great serpent than anything, terrifying to behold. The two names we discovered of these half dragons were Rezmere the black and Langdadrossa Sighenrath the blue. The seem in league with a female wearing purple robes (this is apparently part of their hierarchy: Initiate, Dragonclaw or Dragonfang, Wearers of Purple, and Wyrm Speakers (of which there are only five)), her name was Fruhlin Mondath. Much of this we learned from infiltrating their camp and rescuing a monk working for the Harpers. He tells us the cult has changed it’s focus and now intends to try to free Tiamat from the Nine Hells!!! Strangest of all in the camp is a cave…in it is something of a greater evil, strange mushrooms of an unnatural sort, the likes of which I have never seen are grown there…for what purpose I know not. Deeper within are darker things, I could not search fully for fear of discovery. My companions and I plan to leave Greenest soon and attempt to return to the encampment to investigate further…but the cult, so we have heard, is spreading far and wide and plans attacks on other places…uncle this is a great threat. You are wiser in the ways of the world than I, I write to you hoping you might offer some counsel, I pray to the Oak Father this will reach you. Yours -V

Greenest in Flames
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