From Greenest to Elturel to Baldur's Gate...

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Chapter 4

“Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.”


After returning to Greenest and returning some stolen goods the party rested and prepared for their journey. They began the six day trek, on Harper supplied horses, from Greenest to Elturel. On the way they spied a pair of dragons flying over head, and encountered and dealt with a group of ex-mercenaries who now turned to banditry. Their Half-Orc leader gave a good fight, but ultimately they surrendered and the party continued on.

Arriving in Elturel the adventurers found themselves bathed in the light of Elturel’s glowing second “sun”, a magic creation to ward off undead. The citizens were in preparation to begin the Festival of Light and the heroes were drawn into the festivities to impress and meet Ontharr Frume, Paladin of Torm. Races were won, wrestling contests lost, groupies recruited, drinks consumed and blue spotted pigs appeared and the 2-day festival came to an end. Jarryn, Ontharr’s squire, then called the adventurer’s to a meeting. Ontharr Frume (Order of the Guantlet), Leosin Erlanthar (Harpers) and Varis’s Uncle Terrin (Emrald Enclave). Information was collected and discussed. A plan was formulated… travel to Baldur’s Gate by boat, beat the Cult there, find out their next move, and follow them.

The boat trip yielded some tasty fish, an encounter with clever ogres and crocodiles, and ended with the rescue of a drowning teenager. Bob Galadriel then parted ways with the party to pursue vengeance against the green dragon that killed his family (with the aid of the Emerald Enclave).


Entering the great city of Baldur’s Gate they began their investigation. The city was still in some turmoil due to a government assassination by the Cult of Bhaal. Research into Naerytar was conducted, investigation of the strange man Curwen began, and Foxtraveler Outfiter’s was found. There was a run-in with The Guild, the cities thieves guild, after Balisar stepped on someone’s cloak which in turn led to a robbery attempt gone wrong.
Foxtraveler’s place was infiltrated which led to a battle with one of his pets, a Hell Hound, and ended the Hound’s demise and in fire. A bard named Ambriel was found to be singing a very specific song about the heroes which eventually led them to Omduil Manor where they met with old Master Omduil, a Harper agent and collector of information in the city. Omduil told of his fellow Harper agents who have been going missing.

The party eventually discerned that the cult, working with Foxtraveler, was loading up wagons and readying to depart on the next caravan. Ackyn Selebon, a contact of Ontharr Frume, informed the party that a large caravan was forming up and leaving in a couple days. More pressing was the noble Villion Felldane, who was known to have met with Curwen and Rezmir, who was aiding the Cult of the Dragon. He is suspected to be behind the missing Harpers, and thought to have connections to the Cult of Bhaal.

With time running short, “The Heroes of Greenest” must deal with Felldane Manor and get themselves hired onto the caravan before it, and the Cult of the Dragon, depart Baldur’s Gate and begin traveling north.

After scoping out Felldane manor via mouse eyes, the party decided on a frontal approach. Sending Theren in to take out the guard, the party entered the main hall. They battled many guards and their formidable leader but came away victorious. They discovered the hidden passage behind the fireplace, choosing to smash it than discover the arcane means of entrance.

Descending the stairs they entered a workshop/office area with many books on ancient religions and cults. Continuing downward they entered into a large chamber stone chamber that appeared like an arcane workshop of sorts. The first thing they saw was flames as Villion Felldane greeted them with a Fireball spell. They battled him and his animated suits of armor. Felldane fled via magic, and the party pursued once the armors were destroyed. Descending once again they discovered Felldane awaiting them in a large chamber containing a giant pool of blood flanked by two statues of Bhaal (one of which held a magic short sword). After surviving a Cone of Cold the wizard was brought down. His body was sacrificed to the pool of blood, and it was revealed to be a scrying pool.

Kendricke immediately mentioned the name “Curwen” and the pool of blood began to swirl and views of the ocean appeared and began to solidify. The image shifted and showed a coastline with a ruined temple, a great beacon of fire and a old stone circle. Waves crashed on the coastline and a cloaked man was seen incanting before the burning fire. Soon after the Flaming Fist arrived, and the party revealed the depths of Felldane involvement with the Cult of Bhaal.


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